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I Am not Seeing Buyer Requests!

I am new seller on fiverr.I have a problem i cant see buyer requests.Please Show Me how To Show Buyer Requests!!!

For new sellers, the requests tend to disappear very quickly. In order to get the chance to send an offer, you have to keep on refreshing the page frequently (maybe once an hour) to be able to see if there is any request. Requests that are shown to you are also related to what you offer in your Gigs, so maybe you can’t see anything because no one is requiring services that have to do with what you offer.

To understand a little bit more about how Buyer Requests work you can use the search tool and read lots of posts that have already been created about this topic. It is a useful tool that was very helpful to me when I was first starting and had many doubts about how things work around here.

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ok i try this!!!thanks