I am not showing live :(



I am not showing live. what should I do now?
I’ve reloaded several times.

Plz help, :astonished:


First of all relax, sit down, breathe deeply…Use your index finger and middle finger on the inner part of your wrist… if you find your pulse you’re good to go.

Second, go to your profile, then Settings, there is an option “Online status”, check it if it shows “offline” just turn it to “online”

Now you can take your index and middle finger away fom your wrist… and go on with working


hey wuerz123

Thnx for your advice :slight_smile: It’s working.
I’m in debt to you .

Thnx again :slight_smile:


don t worry your gig is OK . No problem in your gig wait you can understand gradually


hey jubaer100

My problem has been solved :slight_smile:
thnx for your response :slight_smile: