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I am not working from my gig

I’m starting a new job of fiverr, I’m not working from my gig, please help me

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Hi, just be patient… It will take time


We are members since august 2018 , we have made 3 sales since , we feel you hahaha maybe is just a matter of patience and trying to improve our gigs , but we agree , sometimes it’s hard to just open up you account and hope for someone to contat you and buy your gig.


It’s always hard doing this.

Wait wont make you successful. Opening an account at fiverr wont make you have orders, it will just open the opportunity to have order.

If you want to succeed, you should start promoting your services, like any freelancer should do.

Fiverr isn’t your employer, it’s just a space where your can offer your services.

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I kinda don’t agree with that. I understand the logic behind it, it is fine but I don’t think fiverr works like that. I actually believe fiverr sends you the buyers even if you are new seller. They have some good system for new sellers which sends every once in a while a potential buyer to them. If you are good at doing what you offered in your gig and if you deliver flawless work they will send even more.

So my Top 2 advice which will get you orders for sure:

  1. Make sure that your gig looks awesome, I really mean it. Work at least 2-3 days on your description, first image in Gallery (which will show up on search page) and think hard about the gig price.

  2. When you actually get first order, work hard on it. It will probably be a 5$ one but you have to work like you will earn 100$ (because you will, just that will come later and it will be thanks to this first order). Give your best to please the buyer and if you get a 5 star rating everything will become easier. If you don’t get a review, repeat this for second order and you will succeed.

I will add one more advice - while you are waiting for first order - Learn and improve your skills! You will never regret it.

Good luck to new sellers, never give up!


Actually no. Fiverr don’t send buyers to seller. Buyers are free to chose what gig they want.

You can sit and wait fort a couple of orders per month, or you can work to get hundreds a month.

Creating a gig isn’t guarantee of getting orders.

Fiverr is the most competitive online marketplace in the world. Just wait for success, like in any part of the world, just don’t work.

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Fiverr is a good platform , it has sent the first buyer to us while we were still trying to figure out how the website works , so i think it must have an algorithm that according to the fact that yoou are a new seller sends compatible buyers to you , but other than that we are looking for ways to promote and have new buyers of course , but it’s a long way i think !


I repeat, Fiverr don’t send buyers to anyone. It is the buyer who chose the gig they want to buy. It’s not fiverr decision. OR there wouldn’t be sellers with 2 years account with no sales.

The only thing fiverr does, is an algorithm that allows new and amateur gigs to be placed on top of Best Selling filter (even these gigs not being the best sellers) to be more visible, and have more chances to sell.

I will repeat again, fiverr dont send or redirect buyers to sellers. Sellers are free to chose what gig they want.

If you got an order, it’s because of you, not because of fiverr.


Yes that’s exactly what i was trying to say , not directly sending buyers to sellers , just putting sellers on top , i completely agree with you !