I am novice of Fiverr. How can I send proposal to buyers?


Or I can only always wait for the buyers who can discover my gig?


Make your Gigs Professional and share them on social media sites for advertising.
Send buyer request daily.
Remember you can send only 10 request in a day.
Hope you’ll start to get orders soon.


Thanks a lot!!
But where(which site or which page) can I send request or proposal to buyers?


If you go to selling and then buyer requests on your main Fiverr dashboard, you’ll be able to see if there are any requests you could respond to.

The alternative is that users will find your gig on the main site.


Go to Selling the. You’ll see buyer request just click on that , next you’ll see Active and send offer: if there request are active and related to your gig you’ll see an option to your right of (send offer) just click on it and write your experience and send to the buyer. That’s it.


Thank you!!
So it means that only when someone requires me to do something then I can give a response but there is not a chance that I promote myself to buyers directly right?


Thank you so much! I click as you said but it shows “No requests found.”


You can respond to buyer requests.

In terms of promoting yourself directly, no, you can only do that outside Fiverr.


Now I see, thank you!


It’s simple it is not necessary that you’ll see request everytime. When someone requested on fiverr you’ll see. :relieved::blush: