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I am now a legit Level 2

Wow thanks god i am now a level 2…
Any tip for level 2 seller??
Thanks guys,


amazing congratulation have best luck ahead

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Add some new gigs, check what gigs are not doing well and make some changes.
I also suggest that everyone level 2 or TRS has 1 or 2 Premium gigs which are higher priced and give much more than their standard gigs.


What do you make of the theory that manipulating your gigs causes them to lose traction?

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I don’t buy it to be honest.
For every person who says their gig plummeted because of editing it, there are plenty more who have plummeted without editing. If a gig is not performing then changing it up is not even a gamble.
My two best sellers this month, which have led me to having my best month on Fiverr and currently having more orders in queue than ever before, are two that I completely rejigged a couple of months ago as they did not sell - my usual bestseller has been paused up til a couple of days ago because I have been so busy with the others. Those two gigs are high in rankings and “premium” priced.
Also, my paused bestseller has got sales again immediately after changing the image and upping the price. (Im not saying that is a formula, just that I edited it quite substantially).


@hardbearded996 Congratulations for your achievement! You’re now one step away from being TRS :grin:

O/T to the previous posts

@eoinfinnegan Then what do you think about what Fiverr said in this May’s Fiverr Wing newsletter?

Important Announcement!

Thinking about making changes to your Gigs, but not sure how? Fear not! From now on, any seller in the success community will be able to make changes/edits in their Gigs without losing any visibility while your Gig is waiting for approval!

  • As part of the Seller Success Program, you will be able to make changes to your Gigs at any time!
  • Your Gigs will be visible and searchable regardless of how and when you make changes.
  • It’s time to get on those changes and optimize your Gigs!

From the underlined text, it clearly sound to me like non-success sellers will lose traction on every gig edit…

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Hi,thanks for the advice.

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Congratulation my friend :sunglasses:

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Congratulations. Best wishes for your continued success! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congratulation and best luck.


That says that you won’t lose the place in search. What it means is that when the gig is being reviewed after an edit, you won’t be out of search. Usually when a gig is edited, it is out of search for a short period up to 48 hours because it is being reviewed to ensure nothing is wrong. It is not talking about placement though.
Essentially, those in the Success Program are being trusted to keep their edits in line with ToS which is a good development IMO - it makes sense. If a success manager is giving you advice and you are trying things out each week then it would be hopeless if your gig was out of search for 2 in 7 days!


congratulations best of luck :slight_smile:

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thanks alot Yu GUys…
Hope you doing super great today

At level 2, I think your prices are far too low - to the point that I would question the quality if I were buying.
Rough calculations would make me think you are earning $3-4 an hour while living in the US!
That said, I offer the same kind of service so perhaps I am biased.

Remember, any change to your gig is likely to have an effect of some kind. You will likely lose some regular buyers by putting prices up so you need to decide whether it is worth it or not. Here’s a post I did about putting up prices.


Just a tip for everyone: I think we all have had the idea of making a living from Fiverr customers at one point in time. The MOST important thing I’ve learned as a seller since 2014, is that you should quickly identify what your work is worth. Looking to see how your most successful competitors are doing will inevitably prove to be extremely useful. Knowing your worth and always working to master your craft, and of course time, time, time, and more time, is what it takes to earn a living! This year I was able to quit my day job thanks to 3 years of trying everything until I found the best formula for success that works for me.