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I am now confident about my singing ability because of Fiverr!


For the most part of my music career, I have always just been a musician and a songwriter. I’ve accepted that, but something in me has attempted to sing and let my heart out from time to time. I would get comments from some of my peers and friends that I can’t sing, so I let it get to me and I just stopped attempting to sing altogether.

In my want to fill my gig space, I put a bunch of different gigs like songwriting, guitar track composing, jingle composition and voice overs. Since I want to do something else other than that, I TRIED to put a singing gig…

Then lo and behold! The day that I put up my singing gig, impressions shot up and I’ve been receiving messages how great my voice sounded (It was on video.)

I am now sold within myself that I could sing, and it could start a whole new musical career for me and it all started on Fiverr. Thanks Fiverr!



Wow, I am glad you made this wonderful discovery!