I am now level 2 but not getting orders why?


I promoted level 2 before the days but i didn’t get any orders like other level 2 sellers why?


same is happening with me i am new at this site do not understand what are the tricks or tactics to get an order or to promote a gig.


Maybe because of Holiday :smiley: Happy new year!


Same here I am also at level 2 but not getting an order. I am at fiver from 2 months ago.


why you’re lying you’re not level 2


try to promote you gig in paid ads like google advert and facebook ,insta


same here. I respond to buyer orders and also send a proper Custom offer but still none of the buyer is responding or messaging me back. Can anyone suggest as to how I can contact buyer further after sending Custom offer ?


If you type “level 2 not getting orders” in the search bar above there are lots of posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.


Buyer request is one of the best way to getting orders