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I am offering Uniuqe Service at Low Cost Still No Sale Help Me


Check my Gig I am offering Unique Service at Low Cost But Still, i have only one order how can I generate the more revenue please let me know where I am making mistakes


the mistake is you are saying your own work unique
its not up to you to judge
its up to the buyers
make a nice description check mine for example


You are awesome epic description
I can provide you untitled artwork so you can title it :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:
Awesome I will edit my description again :wink:
My services are unique but never getting chance to demonstrate it


I have just checked your work that is awesome I have suggestion for you to increase income :slight_smile:


You might want to consider hiring someone to write the English for your profile.

If I were you I would add some small gigs that use your skills. Things you can do in an hour maybe. People will only know about your 90% off offer if they click on the gig and they might not want to risk a full website on an unknown.


I was about to recommend it myself, but I’m not sure if it’s fair towards buyers. Building an entire website usually requires some sort of communication, which means buyers will use gig description to evaluate communication skills. You can get a glowing gig description, but if a buyer has to send multiple messages back and forth because you don’t fully understand their requirements then it will be frustrating for both parties and it usually ends with a negative review.

If it’s a background removal service in Photoshop, then you probably don’t need to send any messages and your language skill doesn’t matter that much.


Although I do agree with previous posts. You need to work on your gig description.
For example, you’re stating that you guarantee 100% satisfaction. This is literally what most of your competitors are saying. Don’t waste your characters on this useless info. Instead, write what makes your gig special.

You can start by describing what exactly is included in your service. Are you using any templates or will it be a custom design? If you use templates then are these free or premium templates? Try to include examples and name some of the crucial plugins that you will set up for a client.

@capitalquality gave you good advice on breaking your gig into smaller items. Figure out a niche service and start with that. For example, there are a lot of people who have trouble setting up WooCommerce. If you know how to set it up or fix common issues with it, then set up a gig for that.


SameThing you should be different enough not unique,
some ideas are unique and isn’t usable


This is always a toss-up for me, too. It’s difficult to know what to advise in these situations.


All I want you to prmote your Service on different blogs,Forums and Social Media that will help you to create more sales.