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I am on fiverr from 2 months Sent 40 requests but not a single order

joined fiverr in January. Sent more than 30 buyers requests but still not a single order
Please Help me


I’ve sent 119 offers… got no order


So sad…


And I’ve seen several gigs that focus on my type of niche having 50 orders in queue. Is that not wickedness?


No… those sellers had to work to reach the point where they have 50 orders in queue.


what are they doing right… ?


@naveedalam765 perhaps it’s the way you introduce yourself and describe your service when submitting your offer to buyer requests.


The beginning is a bit difficult at Fiverr, but will have its opportunity.

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Just a note: doing student assignments is not allowed on Fiverr.

Before you can start making offers you should improve your gig.
Let’s take your WordPress gig where you’re offering WordPress installation.

The title says that you’re designing and developing responsive WP website. However your gig description says you’re only offering WP installation. So the gig title and description don’t match. Some buyers might even find it misleading.

Exclusively on fiverr, i will install wordpress onto your web server from $5. some web companies charge hundreds of dollars for this service. what i will need to install wordpress is only your hosting login or cPanel login.

Secondly, your selling point seems to be the price. You’re saying that you’re offering WP installation for $5 while some companies charge hundreds of dollars. Which companies are you talking about? Almost all decent hosting service providers offer WP installation for free or at least 1-click installation. I’m sure there are companies who charge a lot of money for simple tasks, but in this case your selling point can’t be the price. Nowadays even $5 is too much for a vanilla WP installation.

Last but not least, you’re saying you’re an expert yet you’re offering WP installation. Why don’t you offer a service where you can truly show your skills?

I am a Professional Wordpress and email marketing Expert with more than 3 years of experience.

So work on these

  • Offer a service that matches your skills (there are plenty of WP installation gigs)
  • Make sure your title matches the gig description
  • Add a few samples to your portfolio
  • Come up with a better selling point (if you pick experience or quality then show it in your portfolio)
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No, that is not wickedness. I have seen actual wickedness, and it neither looks like, nor is, anything like Fiverr.

To start with:

For you too - check it:

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You should also remember that there was a time when those sellers never had orders for month(s).
Lets just say they worked hard to the point of having 50 orders in queue,

And i am on fiverr for last 20 days and sent 200 offers and got just 8 orders . You should use all the 10 offers daily and make a good gig that must impress the buyer to buy from here.

I have sent a 710 buyer request

What? You’ve posted 710 requests or you’ve sent 710 offers?
If you have sent 710 offers and have only 3 reviews then what in in the world are you sending out? :slight_smile:

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This is my local buyer . Personally, I know him

dont lose hope, you will get orders

Very good points and helpful. Thank you for sharing Pamela!