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I am on the brink of an account ban now


Customer complained they didn’t receive their content (they did, I double checked, No I triple checked.). Been trying to get in touch with them for 12 days now to see if the issue was resolved their end but NO RESPONSE.

Today, popped up with a negative feedback, no doubt going to report to customer service that the gig was delivered blank (it wasn’t, but I have never had customer support side with me on delivered content via DropBox, even though that is how they tell me to send it). This means one account warning, which puts me one away from a ban. Then, of course, the ‘spam’ messages trying to work out what the actual issue was, so that is the second account warning.

So, thanks for the ride, guys. You have all been amazing :slight_smile:

I don’t get why they are ignoring me and customer support has read the ticket but won’t respond. Just marked it as ‘closed’, so things are not looking in my favour, but if they side with a customer I have been trying to reach for 2 weeks ($175 of content), I am going to be frustrated, because this would lock my account and all the funds in it for 90 days.

The ticket seems to be thrown between three customer service agents now. Keeps changing who it has been assigned to. Weird.

I am scared here.



Today, popped up with a negative feedback, no doubt going to report to customer service that the gig was delivered blank (it wasn’t, but I have never had customer support side with me on delivered content via DropBox, even though that is how they tell me to send it).

If it’s small enough to be delivered via Fiverr delivery attachment, why not use that? That should prove that you’ve delivered what you said you did to Fiverr staff. Another option, if the buyer really wants it via dropbox is to send it via that as well as via an attachment in the Fiverr delivery. Sending the delivery via an attachment in the Fiverr delivery seems the safest way if it’s small enough.


I always send larger orders via DropBox. Fiverr uses CloudFare and they block my uploads sometimes. Never knew why. Fiverr say they can’t help as it is not in their remit (I should complain to CloudFare, even though they are the ones that decided to use the Firewall, apparently) Fiverr actually told me to use DropBox for these orders anyway.

Can’t send non-zip as there is a maximum of 10 files allowed to be sent per order. This was 75 articles.

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Maybe there were some issues where the buyers couldn’t access dropbox at the time or something. If there are issues with delivery you could limit orders in the queue (or lower the limit) and/or increase prices, at least for a while.

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This has nothing to do with prices.

The content was in the folder. I checked from numerous computers and the person has not contacted me for 12 days despite me insisting they tell me if anything is missing.

If you have a screenshot of your delivery with the date and attachment, that should be sufficient proof.

When an order is marked as complete, I see this message:

“This order is complete. Click here to contact the buyer.”

It’s not illegal to contact the buyer on Fiverr.

That happened to me, but only once. Agent 1 didn’t know what to do, so she called her supervisor.

After my experience refunding a $70 order, I deleted all my gig extras. I just don’t want big orders. If my most expensive package is $30, I’m happy with that. If the buyer wants to order again, he can. But I am not going to waste my time for some ungrateful person who writes three paragraphs demanding revisions and treats me like his employee. I am not an employee and he is not a boss.


No. It is not wrong to contact the buyer, I know.

However, you can get ‘overboard’ in trying to contact the buyer. One of my account warnings was related to ‘spamming’ a buyer when they didn’t respond. They were clearly online and they told me they had an issue with the content, so i sent them a message once per day for 2 weeks to work out what was wrong. They never responded. They marked me as spam and I got an account warning.

You can deliver multiple deliveries per order. As long as each individual file is small enough to send via fiverr delivery you can send multiple 10 file deliveries.
I have done it with an e learning course with about 75 files myself, I had to make 8 separate deliveries.

Good luck with this situation, I hope you can get it resolved!

Jonathan Crounse


Try it now and you will see that is not the case. It stopped being like that a while back. You can send 10 files BEFORE you deliver, and then 10 files maximum after you deliver. It then stops you from uploading anything else, so 20 files maximum.

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This was about 2 weeks ago, maybe less. Maybe it is different for different types of gigs?

The “increase prices” suggestion (as well as limit orders in queue) was so that, while you’d have less orders in the queue, the higher price of each order could make up for that. Fewer orders should make on-time delivery easier if there are issues. You could also increase the delivery time specified for the order.

I assume the “sharing” had been enabled for the dropbox files. Another option if they are having trouble accessing it is to upload it to more than one site, and say they can use the 2nd link if there is any issue with the 1st.

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there must be some issues for this, please justify these for next time

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I wish I could be your in person manager to prevent these problems for you.
I don’t want you to be banned and your writing is so good it would be a loss to fiverr and the community if you get banned.


I just want (who?) to respond to me on the ticket. I want to complete the orders I have in my queue, but I can’t really waste my time on those if the funds are going to get locked for 90 days. It would be stupid and not productive in the slightest. I have had a few unjustified account warnings (all from me reporting myself, apparently). This one is the most unjustified of them all as the account warning was for how I used the deadline extender thing. WHAT IS THE HELL THAT THING FOR IF I can’t use it to extend gigs when they are large sales? I admit I extended the delivery 4 times, and that may be what he was talking about BUT the buyer got the content, so I don’t get it? Each time the buyer AGREED to extend the thing, and I told her that she could cancel at any point if she wanted. I would have had no issue with that.

Now, do I continue with Fiverr orders? I have been removed from the search since I am now level 1, so I can’t imagine I will get anything new.

TRS to Level 1 in a year in a bit. What a ride.

I would continue with the orders.

I want to be frank. Other writers don’t have this problem. There is no reason now not to move your delivery time back to see if that helps.

The issues seem to revolve around the timing of deliveries. It seems to me to be self sabotage. I just don’t want to see you get banned. If you can deliver on time somehow and not have so many interactions with customer support you might be saved.


Yeah. I am going to continue. Delivered 15 gigs today already. The gig time was extended, but it doesn’t seem to have changed on my page yet. Said takes 24 hours.

And this account warning (they have given me three reasons) is not actually down to timing. It is down to providing reviews.


  1. They aren’t reviews but they do not believe me. They are product overviews. They are product descriptions.
  2. They used to have a category (may still do), specifically for product reviews.
  3. The product overviews are for a person’s website.

Don’t do product overviews. It’s not allowed now.

They keep changing their mind. In the past 2 hours it has been:

  1. Sharing contact details (nope)
  2. Product overviews
  3. Manipulation of the system by using the gig extension feature.

The third one is what I was given by 2 support reps now, so sticking with that one. Apparently, you are only allowed to extend a gig once. I am looking through the ToS and I don’t see that. If you can only extend a gig a certain number of times, why not lock that off? How am I even meant to know that is a ToS violation?

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Don’t do product overviews. It’s not allowed now.

There are gigs from Pro sellers doing product reviews. Wouldn’t Fiverr not allow them to set up these gigs if those types of services are prohibited?

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