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I am on the first page


Wow woke up today to see my video testimonial gig on the 1st page 4 spots down from the featured sellers last

time i was on the 1st page for my wp gig i got like 30 orders. Very happy and hoping it will translate into orders.

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Thank you! no video orders yet but my other gig’s are popping.


featured sellers list not “last”


Congrats! impressive and inspiring :slight_smile:


just an update 8 orders one for $100 for a total $180. Thank you Fiverr


Well congrats mate. I have had my gigs up almost 4 weeks now and not a single order has come in :frowning: Did you actually do anything to get yourself onto the 1st page? if so, what?

Cheers. GL.



Well i been selling on here for about a year and it has happened twice. I just looked at your gig and you have some pretty cool gig’s. here is a PDF i put together it is not all my ideas just some things i have collected and has helped me become a top seller maybe it can help you too.


I promoted my gigs on social media like my Facebook page and twitter and i was amazed that in one month i sold 10 gigs and was promoted to the next level 1.

May be this can work for you too.



Reply to @writermarion: Hi here is something that might help you it is a list that i have put together and has helped me.


Well done!


Reply to @kjblynx: Ah, so the list Eddie is referring to above can not be downloaded?


Thanks a lot Eddie, very kind of you.


How do I download this pdf eddie?


@eddie: how do I download this file Eddie?


Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you :slight_smile: