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I am only a few days involved with Fiverr Work-Learn

I have stayed up late for Fiverr. I have learned “Gimp” the graphic software that is like Photo Shop but free so I can make an eye catching Gig and have been learning about You Tube and Face Book to help promote my Gig which has been doing ok considering it has only been a few days.

WWWWOrk Work work and learn learn learn

I wouldn’t really recommend highlighting your complete newb status on the Fiverr forum, but that’s just me.

I wouldn’t reveal the tools and techniques I use to do the gigs with either, not on forums, not to clients, not to potential clients…not to anyone!

I think your on a great path! To tackle new challenges, and learn and adopt and be able to stand out. You’ve accomplished alot in a very short time. I wish you much success in the future!

You are right it. It does depend on the nature of the gig you are offering. However why take of the risk of revealing any information at all except what you can guarantee the buyer what will happen if they select your service?

Despite the norm I dislike competition in any form. Most people welcome it however I am not one of those people.

Hello Angelturner1,

Good to see that you are still going strong.
Never to old to learn new things and new skills.
Wishing you the best of luck here on Fiverr.