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I am pissed OF!

I am pissed off BIG TIME!

I had an order, a big order, not just 5$!

I sent my work in less than 12 hours!

And than…ordered cancelled and the buyer account is no longer available!

I worked for my order a lot! WASTE OF TIME!

It is not the first time when this hap ends to me !

I noticed that when the buyer is trying to make me deliver much faster that my average delivery time, it is a fraud!

Somebody did this to me a few weeks ago, but I refused to deliver faster! And in a few hours he cancelled and the account was no longer available!

I am in the same situation now, I suspected the buyer from the very beginning and I wanted to deliver my order in the last day! Because some scamers usually cancel very soon after they place the order! (a few hours)

From now on, I will respect my average delivery time, I will never deliver sooner than 2 days!

This is b…s…it !! Fiver should not allow this!

I am pissed off! But from now on, I will trust my senses, because I started to “feel” the scammers from the way they send messages to me!

(Sorry for my english)


Yup. It happens to all of us. Look at the bright side. At least you are using a real picture of yourself. LOL. Better watch out though… someone might take your picture for their own gigs. LOL.

Really though. You just have to roll with it and do the best you can.