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I am posting this post to discuss with my a very big problem

Hello Everyone, I am posting this post to discuss with my a very big problem. I’ve been working at Fiverr for the past two years. I do a part of SEO backlinks. Currently, I Level 2 seller, A few days ago I made an order $5 of a ************ sellar. And I very well submit to his work, but he does not accept it and says my work spam links. But I do the same way. And every buyer is very happy at my work. But the buyer does not want to believe it. He said to remove all the links, I do that. But it is not possible to remove 3 links. People who know backlinks can probably be able to access Redirect Links can never be removed. And it does not harm or work for the website. Still the buyer does not understand it. After that, I want to cancel the order again and again. But he does not Accept this. And He Talks to Fiverr customer support, and Customer Support just told to remove the link. I’ve already give A warning. And saying if I do not remove the link, then my account will be disabled. Customer Support I am not listening or trying to understand anything. What can I do in such a situation ?? Expect the help of experts.

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I am not a backlink expert, but I know a fair amount about how Fiverr Support works. They apparently believe that the buyer received bad backlinks and that it’s your responsibility to fix it. I know that it is possible to use backlinks to cause negative repercussions for someone’s site and right now it is your word against the buyer. In that case, Fiverr is going to take the side of the buyer. I just did a web search for “how to remove backlinks” and I found multiple articles talking about steps people can take to undo poorly done SEO.

I suggest that you do everything you can to reverse as much as possible, only because Support has instructed you to do so. Then submit a report showing what you tried to do and explaining anything you cannot undo in plain terms, not in specialist terms. If that doesn’t work, I don’t have any other suggestions for you. The area you work in can be risky.


tell the customer you will create a disavow file and give it to them and tell them to upload it to search console. I know they are probably gong to refuse but thats not the point. The point is to show you are doing something, otherwise you are toast. Why are you using redirects for backlinks? they dont do much at all and due to the way they are created you are never going to be able to remove them.

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What about them makes them not removable?

because the links are not actually on the site, just a message saying this redirects to page xyz. There could be hundreds or thousands from the same page and they are about as much use as used toilet paper