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I am Pralay Dhote and a new user, i need help

Hello Everyone,
I am Pralay Dhote from India, and i am a new in fiverr,
I need a help, i create a Gig but not publish safe in draft, i try many time, but still not publish, i will click on retake test but didn’t open.
Please help me,
I need that work very much

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Can you send a screenshot, so we can see what is going on?

I will try to click on retake test but didn’t open

Personally i didn’t have to take that test, I’d recommend contacting CS!

Please edit your gig and change your gig category tittle then it fixed.and it will not tell for give test after change

You can must try to publish this gig in your pc or laptop
thank you

Thank you for the valuable information,
But I did that too. But still not going publish

I think that you have to take the English test before your gig can be activate.