I am quite curious...did any of the "spells" really work? [ARCHIVED]


So we see them a lot.

I will cast love spells. I will cast money spells.

I will cast a spell so your wish will come true.

Wow, so can you cast a money spell so I can

win a million dollars? Within a month?

I guess not…

One time ( clearly I was bored…) I checked comments left

by the people who bought those spells from high-rating sellers,

and it seems like in most cases they say

"I’m looking forward to the result, thank you."

I haven’t really come across a specific/clear comment saying it actually

did work and did get the results they wanted.

Truth be told, several years ago I did buy a spell since my cat ran away.

My family were desperate to get him back, weeks went by,

we did everything we can, we ran out of options,

so out of desperation I bought a wish-spell.

Did it work? Well, my cat did come back, but it didn’t make me

say "Wow, the spell worked!"

Me and my family spent hours and hours walking around the house with the

cat food can in our hands, and it took a very long time and a lot of effort.

So I think it is our hard work that got our cat back.

If for example my cat came back the VERY next day the spell was cast

AND he was sitting in front of the door, I’ll be a believer in a second.

Did I leave a thumbs down? Well, no.

It’s not that I don’t believe in those spells and psychics since I actually do have a friend

who does readings and she blows me away.

I am curious, did anybody buy a spell that actually did give you what you wanted

and made you say Wow, and not because you really worked hard for it,

and simply your hard work paid off? :-?


Honestly, I think there’s something to it. Most of the time it’s just a placebo effect, but there’s something to practices like Reiki. However, even if the spell/practice is done with good intentions, it can be dark. Reiki, which is what many of the spells use, involves contact with spirits. I’m not one to believe in magic or fantasy type stuff, but I have heard too many accounts from people I trust to say that ghosts aren’t real. (Some of you are probably reading this thinking I’m a crazy person!)

Another example… oiuja boards. They do work. Once again, I have heard crazy stories about them from people I’m close with. They’re dangerous though and should be avoided. As a basic rule of thumb, you should avoid anything involving spells or spirits.

Just my thoughts! Feel free to join in. I’d love to hear if anyone reading this has encountered a spirit or oiuja board story you’d like to share :slight_smile:


Nope. There’s nothing to it, unless you want to believe there’s something to it. Did you know there are literally MILLIONS of dollars in prizes available to anyone who can demonstrate ANY kind of psychic, paranormal or supernatural power? Search “James Randi’s Million Dollar challenge” to read more about that one, which has been waiting over a decade, and through hundreds, maybe thousands of attempts, to be awarded. (Some of the more um…“memorable” videos from all kinds of self-proclaimed psychics are posted, and they’re pretty funny). And there are prizes (not as big) like that all over the world.

P.S. “Anecdotes” are the same as no proof. They’re just good stories~


Of course it’s bullsh*t… please. The fact that Fiverr even allows it makes them no better than these charlatans either, in my opinion. I also love the girl who says “Im not one to believe in magic or fantasy type stuff…but REIKI AND OUIJA BOARDS AND GHOSTS AND SPELLS…THOSE ARE REAL !” Sorry…but obviously you ARE one to believe in bs magic and fantasy stuff.

The Ouija board was just invented by some gamemaker for fun ! He didn’t even believe it did anything ! People…ffs…


Well @zeus77 you story is quite entertaining, glad your cat came back. I wonder if at times if they actually deliver what they say they do because obviously they are high rating for something, but my history teacher did say to me once that once you doubt you believe.


I think it has more to do with placebo effect alliemadison12 wrote. People do order such services and they will, because what do they have to loose? It’s just $5 after all.


Frankly i used to think that we people in Pakistan and south Asia were backward for believing in fictitious stuff reason because of lack of education and stuff but when i came to fiverr i realized that westerners were even more stupid and illiterate and mentally backward for believing in things like these !

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The only thing I’ll add to this conversation is that unless the seller gives you a video showing the seller performing the spell and the seller specifically says the buyer’s name, the buyer has NO WAY of knowing that the work was actually done. Show me a TRS offering spells and I’ll show you somebody who’s collecting money for literally nothing.


I don’t believe in coincidences. No, I never got a million dollars. But I got $40 once in the lottery once and $150 another time. I was hoping for the Powerball jackpot. But I only got $150 right after I sent the spell. Also, on more than one occasion I got a call from someone right after I sent a love spell for them. Was it happenstance? Who knows. But for only $5, nothing is lost.


Technology thats not true. It was mass produced by a game maker but the board itself is dated back to colonel times possibly even older.