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I am raising my prices

Some customers do not know how to read, and request services that I cannot and will not accomplish. I do not offer guest posting gigs, for example. By raising my base price to 10$ instead of 5, I am hoping to deter these people that buy my 5$ gig, and ask for 25$ worth of stuff, or ask for stuff that I do not offer.

These three cancellations within 2 weeks are hurting my business, and I am getting tired of this. I have bills to pay. I have food to buy for my family. Rent is due. So I don’t want to juggle my growing business because some people can’t read.

What do you all think?


I’ve done several price increases. My amount of work isn’t going down and the reading comprehension of buyers is increasing :slight_smile:


I know the feel, I soooooo do


Yes yes and yes! go for it!

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I’ve been raising my prices since my first order. I’m getting fewer orders and every once in a while I have to go for the buyer requests, but my monthly income has increased.
Besides, if you have repeat customers then it’s difficult to raise your prices later.


On that note, I’ve sent a cancellation request to a buyer and it says it will be cancelled automatically in 2 days if not accepted. Will there like be a negative review or just a plain cancellation?

Mutual cancellation = no review! :slight_smile:

…apart from the private one that we don’t know about :wink:


I’m talking about if they don’t decline or accept it and it just automatically cancels after 2 days. What happens then?

If it completes automatically, it’s the same - mutual cancellation, no review.


Thank You! Really appreciate the help!

You’re very welcome! :purple_heart:


The bargain basement buyers are out in full force. :confounded:
Increasing rates is the BEST thing to do! :moneybag:


I’m a new seller right now but that’s a really good Idea. I love my clients right now and I will always honor the prices and services I provide them with now since they are helping to launch my business, but as I get more experience on this platform and want to gain larger, even national clients, this would be a nice idea.


Off topic for @lucycodex Damn you’re doing really good!

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Thankyou :slight_smile: I focus on the quality of work, customer service, and several years of psychology.

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It will be the best move you ever made. It is like idiot repellent.


A while ago, I was getting orders daily and I decided to raise my prices (which are very low considering my quality of work) by $5. I nearly stopped getting orders completely. I put them back to normal but it was three more weeks before I started getting orders again. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m tired of working for such low rates but I’m afraid to raise my prices and lose a whole month’s worth of work again.

Hasn’t happened to me as far as I know, but I know how you feel working for low rates. It’s really tough, especially when if income depends primarily or even solely on freelancing.

Although I did read a few articles the other day about the most successful sellers on Fiverr. They started off with minimum rates on several gigs. Some had dozens of gigs to offer for $5. They received lots of sells, thus lots of reviews. Later, they increased their rates to accommodate the high interest. I’m sure you’ve tried that, but I myself am trying to stick to that. I think if you want to keep your price at $5 to get more sales, maybe decrease your quality of work. By that, I mean offer less for their money like less revisions.

However, three weeks is a long time. Hm. Not sure if Fiverr knows about your issue, and I’m not sure that if you contacted them if they would reply back, but maybe it does have something to do with ranking.

You may find other freelancing websites to be more suitable while you’re dealing with the losses from price changing, but I don’t know how well they will do for your particular field of work.

Best of luck!

Instead of increasing your base price by $5 try reducing the word count first to see if that would make a difference.

Good luck :wink:

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Great idea! I’ve done that and it has worked very successfully!

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