I am really disappointed By fiverr give me suggestion Please


almost 5 days before a buyer come to me and ask me to do his SAM cengage projects …we agreed on 21 Excel projects … after 3 days of hard working i completed his work and delivered …she paid me and give me 5 Star and then she asked me to do 7 more projects when i demand extra money she gets mad at me …and open dispute …Without any notification Fiverr take my money and give me warning …i am upset now after 3 days of hard work i get nothing …what can i do now ? Help


Sorry to hear that but nothing about this you can do now.

The only thing you can do is to be patient, learn from what happened to you and work hard in future.

Good Luck ! :+1: :hugs:


i worked hard and get paid with 5 star …then how fiverr fetch my money after 100% project completion with out any notification


What did the warning say, can you share?

Buyer ordered a gig was happy with the work, then rated you a :five::star2:.

Buyer came back and wanted more work done for FREE? Um, if this is the case then never do extra work for free without requesting a gig extra.


Maybe you could have sent the screen shot of the conversation to the CS of the part where
she got angry. If there was anything that came across as a threat, CS might have
warned the buyer or delete the account.
Hopefully you wont go through it again, but if anything similar happens, you can
try contacting CS right away.


i already sent screenshot of conversation to Resolution center …but they didn’t answer me and fetch my money and give me warning that i can’t complete the work …but i have completed the work and get paid with 5 star …