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I am really frustrated with fiverr

Hey guys I create my new account on fiverr 12 days ago and I am continuously trying to get orders but did not receive any

please guys help me can you check my gigs and tell me what should i improve so that i attract more customers

you can read the “tips for sellers” section… the first few posts really do answer your concerns and will really help you…

Also, I think “Review” gigs are not being promoted by Fiverr and I think it will not appear in the search results when someone types that in… Try searching for your gig in the search results…

Think Fiverr as Google, which irregularly launches search ranking algorithm updates to crack down on sites using black hat SEO, as well as take down sites according to DMCA takedown notices.

Whats your competitive edge??? Read my article I posted on tips for sellers on competitive edge and let me know, maybe I will buy your gigs…

If you have no orders in your queue, it might be worth shortening your delivery time to 24 hours. Some customers are looking for a fast turn around.

Thanks all for your valuable tips

love you all

Here you go:

i am also being Stacked for one month.

Your gig is to review a product in writing but your description has many grammatical errors

“I am writing reviews from last 1 years and have great experience in it.”

Now what is wrong with this sentence (and many others) and why would someone pay you to do any writing?

WEll, I agree, get rid of any of your Amazon or Kindle gigs, it is against the rules of Amazon to have paid reviews, even if you buy the book it is still against the rules.

Also, your fashion one needs a much better photo, and you say this in one of your gigs:

No grammatical errors

The only problem is you have many grammatical errors all over your gigs AND in your profile description so you will have a little bit of a hard time trying to sell your writing. So try and fix those if you can.


Reply to @jamesbulls: sir can you check my gigs and tell me now what should i optimize in my gigs to have more sales

Reply to @rajat11: Hi, thanks for private messaging me, the thing you should do is check out this article:

Ask me questions after you read that, and I will answer and help you with your gigs…That way everyone can see.

Reply to @rajat11: Ask me questions in that forum article please. Not in my private message box.

Reply to @rajat11: Did you read every tip that @jamesbull already gave you in his post? Even if he has time to glance at your gigs, it would be rude to ask him to check them before that.

Post again after you apply every single tip in and if I have time then, I’ll look at your gigs myself. Do not send me a PM though, post here.

Reply to @fonthaunt: yes i have read it before and now also

can you please check my gigs and tell me something

Reply to @rajat11:
You have already been told “something” about your gigs. It would appear that you were not listening to advice that has already been given to you on the forums. Once again, I remind you, don’t sell fake Amazon reviews. Fiverr is removing those from the system, yet you appear insistent upon keeping yours active.

In fact, four of your six gigs are selling fake reviews – each of which may be going against the rules of those sites. Two of those six are for the sale of fake Amazon reviews, which ARE, most definitely, against the rules of Amazon (and are, therefore, appropriate for Fiverr to remove from their site).

Find a service that you are good at – that does not break the rules of Fiverr or other websites, and focus your gigs around that service. We will not be giving you tips to improve gigs that break these rules.

Reply to @rajat11: Okay man, now you are ticking me off, I offered to help you in the forum to share the information with everyone, don’t private message me in my inbox asking me to buy your gigs, that’s for my customers, I’m a TOP SELLER man, so do you know how many message I get per hour?

Listen to what everyone is telling you on here, read my recent post I gave you a link to, READ THE FREAKING TOS on Fiverr.

If you are selling amazon reviews go to AMAZON and read their TOS of reviews by those who receive items at a discount, they have a program. There ARE people who make reviews by selection but DO NOT get compensation for them NOR offer to give positive reviews BUT HONEST REVIEWS for a discount on the items.

Don’t contact me in my inbox like that again and go read my article or else GET LOST, as people on this forum and Fiverr staff knows, I’m not the guy to mess with here on Fiverr, I can get getto really fast…

Reply to @sincere18:

Not entirely correct.

Amazon Vine is a program that enables a select group of Amazon customers to post opinions about new and pre-release items to help their fellow customers make educated purchase decisions.

Reply to @joeyperezwest: yes, but Vine members are not paid and the reviews are not paid.