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I am really frustrated with fiverr


Reply to @rajat11: OK, I’m about to look at your gigs and profile and remember that I said not to ask me for help until you had read AND applied every single tip. Let me see…

1.) I’m not going to repeat some of what others have said except that some of your gigs violate Amazon and Fiverr ToS so those are useless and you are ignoring that advice entirely.

2.) @jamesbull advises that “if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to be really, really good at what you do.”

You have writing errors, spacing errors and a screaming all-caps tagline on your profile and tagline. That isn’t standing out, it’s junk. You ignored that tip too.

  1. @jamesbull suggested “communicate quickly and be charming - you have to make them feel special and important” and instead, I scrolled through all of your ToS violation gigs to try to find ONE good gig and when I found one that might be you wrote this:


That is not charming. It’s horrible. If you can’t do something better than that on a gig that is advertising your skills as a writer, that gig isn’t right for you. You didn’t even bother to find or hire someone who had writing skills to help you pretend you could do this gig. Now, I’m only on tip 2 of the 30 something tips I asked you to read and apply before asking me to look at your gigs.

You have wasted your time and mine. I’m done with you. Maybe you’ll find someone else to help you, but it won’t be me. Good bye.