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I am receiving 60+ gig views, 100+ impressions in a day, still no orders!

Hi People !!
I am a new seller on Fiverr, and luckily I have been able to optimize my gig in such a way that I am able to rank among top gigs with just 3 orders completed till now.
But, the problem I am facing is that I am unable to get any orders from buyers, though I have been receiving 60+ views, 100+ impressions in a day.

I have even received an “EXPRESS” tag on my gig because I am delivering all my orders in less than 24 hours and my average response time is just a few minutes.

Could anyone please tell me what’s wrong with my gig so that I can make the changes accordingly and get more orders.
My gig:

Please do visit the link and help me out. I shall be grateful to all of you people :blush:

Thankyou :blush:


Work on promotion and skills

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Probably it’s just a bad period now. People run out of money because of the virus. Maybe it’s hard to believe you would do a quality work in just 5 hours.


Bcz current situation very bad.


I have been working on promotion, that’s why I am able to receive this much gig views and impressions.
And regarding the skills, they are indicated by my reviews.

Can this be a probable reason ??
Could anyone tell me more regarding this, but I have been able to make deliveries in less than 5 hours in past, and the buyer was 100% satisfied with my accuracy and delivery.

Is every seller facing this issue due to fall down of economy ?

I have got a score of 9/10 in Fiverr’s English test and I am highly capable to deliver 1 hour of transcription in less than 5 hours.
I have even received tip from one of my buyers, which indicates my capability to deliver according to my declaration.

Kindly suggest me more probable reasons, I will be highly grateful to you.

It could be just a psychological issue. I don’t think that most of the potential clients need it done so fast. You could change it to 12 hours and emphasize you would meticulously check it. It will gain you more trust. Change It to 5-7 - hours after you get 30 - 50 positive reviews.

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Well, that seems quite reasonable. Thanks !!

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Thanks for all the valuable suggestions !!

Could any other senior seller suggest me something because I believe that every new person can figure out more issues. :blush:

Hello, you are getting clicks and views from your social media sharing?
If so then it is normal to not getting orders because of most of the people in your social network
will not buy your service.

You have a good start, in your first month have got 3 orders, you will get more do not worry.

No, I have mentioned Gig views to be 60+.
Fiverr differentiates between “Social Gig Views” and “Gig Views” and it is displaying “Gig Views” to be 60+.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Hi, I see you had some more orders since your last comment :slight_smile: Did you find the answer to your question ? it would help me too. Thank you :slight_smile:

Try to improve the gig meta tags and also offer a bonus for a cerain period of time. This will help you to get orders. Also improve the marketing skills of your gigs on other social platforms. :blush: