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I am receiving average 11 impressions and 1 clicks per day

hello I am new at fiverr it’s been 14 days I created a gig on fiver. there are 2200 sellers in my category or keyword to which I targeted and my gig is ranking on the 7th page from the day one. I am receiving average 11 impressions and 1 click per day. Is it a good start or I need to worry about it and need to improve?


Are any of those impressions and clicks turning into orders?

If your answer is “no”, then, you need to worry and improve.



Please be aware we just did exactly this in another thread a day or so ago.

Same person, same p



And the same question as to why someone who specialises in digital marketing can’t digitally market their own stuff, which sadly makes a buyer question the voracity of their claims of experience and capability to do so.

The single most baffling thing to me on this forum. Perhaps all the SEO and digital marketing experts should hire each other, then they’d all be making a fortune with their perfectly marketed gigs!



There’s a difference between “wannabes” and “professionals” which you perfectly hid in your encouraging and nice words. Professionals “claim” less and “act” more. If you’re capable enough, then it’s paradoxical to whine about not being able to do what you claim to be an expert in!!!

To request for real help and be open to constructive criticism is a vital skill every worker and freelancer must have or acquire!