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I am regular here but still i not get order

I am regular here. i have also 4 gigs here but still i not get order.


thank you for your suggestion.

Send perfect buyer request

Don’t worry bro, try to stay online

Being a regular here on the forum doesn’t do anything when it comes to receiving orders. All you can do here is gather info by doing research and utilizing what you learned.

stay Active rasel522

I am going to provide real and honest advice. First, being active at that forums is great for gaining knowledge, but it does not lead to clients finding you for business.

Second, you need to take a look at your business. You are offering designs for business cards and flyers. There are problems with this type of business. The world is suffering from a pandemic. There are less businesses than there were before the pandemic. Your pool of potential clients have decreased and will continue to decrease until the economy recovers.

Big businesses in the same industry offer designs. You would need to find a client who wants a custom design for a business card. Most people would pick one of the designs for a big business in the your industry. Your pool of clients have decreased again on this factor.


Please Recheck your Gigs Title, Keywords and Gig Images

Your advice is so much informative.