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I am sad i have to see this day on fiverr

My gig has been denied uselessly. What’s wrong with you people at Fiverr? THIS IS EQUAL TO CONSTANT HARASSMENT. For heaven’s sake, where the heck can you find that there are links, IM screenname and other imaginary stuff in the gig description. Just exactly where? Why do deny the gig if you are careless enough to see imaginary stuff floating on your LCD/LED screen? What’s the issue?! It’s been 8-9 times already I have been FORCED TO MODIFY MY GIGS USELESSLY AND I’VE BEEN SUBMITTING THE EXACT SAME THING 'COZ THERE’S NO SORT OF THAT INFO. There’s no point asking me to calm down, it’s simply a constant error on your part. How do you even expect people at Fiverr to sell anything if the gigs are invisible. ITS MY THIRD TICKET ALREADY AND I HAVE ATLEAST MADE 3-4 COMPLAINTS IN EACH. Is that the effort required to survive in here? If that’s the case, it’s months before which Fiverr will come down on its knees. There will not be any more newbs hanging around here. Only those supersellers and their constant fruitful service. And after they leave Fiverr will be “nothing”.

Sheriff’s note: please stop posting the same content on every category!

Show us the description? Maybe we can help! :slight_smile:

It’s denied, I can’t even see it myself. But I’m dead sure there was nothing. Because they e-mailed me 10 times already and I’ve checked.

Now they’re saying although I didn’t add the info, I’ve to do all the chatting and uploading through Fiverr only. Kidding me?

Yep my gig keeps getting denied.

I am just trying to sell a guide which I have put a lot of effort in.

Others are selling similar guides with far less pages etc.

I haven’t made any claims or promises on the gig, its just matter of fact description but no, the faceless ‘editor’ says no and that’s it.

Why can’t we contact to ask why or have a report that says the reason is XYZ?

If we know, we can fix it rather than blinding keep posting gigs just to have them denied.

Its a ridiculous and highly unprofessional way to deal with sellers.

I am seriously pi&@ed off.

@davidtye If you’ve reviewed the TOS and can’t identify a reason for your gig being denied, then submit a ticket with Customer Support. Don’t be a petulant, immature ass, like some people I won’t name, and create 3 tickets for 1 issue because that merely delays the response and contributes to CS backlog. And please remember, they are real humans in tech support, they probably get pissed off, too.

When you post your gig, it is screened by a bot, so sometimes key words trigger the denial (“money”, for example. sometimes people write "money back guarantee " in the gig). That’s why you should work with CS to find out what the issue is if you can’t figure it out. You can ask to have the editors reconsider the denial, also (via CS). All this takes time, so don’t expect an instant response (especially if they’re bogged down due to people filing multiple tickets for 1 problem). Once I was just updating my oldest gig and for some reason it triggered a denial. I understood the reason I was given, but by writing and explaining how my gigs were set up and asking for reconsideration, my gig was quickly reinstated.

Amazingly, Fiverr survives even when a member gets his knickers in a knot and leaves in a huff. But if you act like a grown-up, and work with the system, it is possible to have fun on Fiverr, and make some money, too.

Things that make you go ‘hmmmm’. I would attempt to make contacting Customer Support my main priority on fiverr until the issue is resolved to my satisfaction. Complaining on here really does not change how fiverr rolls.

Submitted around 7 to 8 tickets already. They just said I should make a new gig instead because it was denied. Are you kidding me, Fiverr?

do you want a cookie?

Attention Fiverr Members! If you have a ticket in to customer support, and are not getting a timely answer, consider this: @ankitmaity has submitted “7 to 8 tickets” for his gig denial issue, and he’s made “3-4 complaints in each”. Be sure to personally “thank” him for bogging down the CS system, and for demonstrating such grace and maturity “under fire”~

Reply to @celticmoon: I am just curious how you would feel, if this would happen to you? If you submit a ticket and you don’t get an useful answer, just saying, recreate the gig and you don’t have an answer what words to avoid and you keep getting denied and denied, how would you feel? I don’t know about you, but I would be frustrated too. It’s really not fair or cool, to call ankitmaity out like this and pretty much calling him an immature toddler…

I don’t see any maturity in your last comment to be honest, just pure sarcasm and negativity and it is not useful at all.

Reply to @mimie01: it’s not about sarcasm and negativity, it’s about the truth: Fiverr CS is flooded with too many tickets to answer all of them quickly, so submitting 8 tickets for the very same problem leads to delay for everyone’s tickets!!

We may discuss about the fact Fiverr CS need more guys, yes sure, this is also true; but, even if you are frustrated, you don’t have to create several tickets because CS guys could get pissed off…

You get an asnwer you don’t like? Well, reopen the very same ticket and explain your reasons without being arrogant or insulting… and wait…

That’s all you can/must do…

The truth is, it is not my problem if there under manned. I pay 20% of my income, its not a free service! If I make 1000$ a month, I pay 200$ each mont to Fiverr, including the Fiverr support. With 3 million gigs and lot of sales with a 20% income of each seller, a situation, where a seller get inadequate advice and service, should never happen, There is always a reaction to an action.

Fiverr is not my friend, Fiverr is a business service provider I pay 20% of my income to receive professional services and there CS just sucks!

Sorry Mimie, but Celtic’s post is the best here!

I MANAGED an online support-ticket Department.

Our policy, was that when an IDIOT submitted multiple tickets, we would DELETE all his previous tickets, and then wait 48 hours from the most recent ticket, before responding.

If he was INCREDIBLY STUPID (like the OP here!), he would keep submitting new tickets in less than 48 hours and thus, NEVER get a response.

That is called “Karma”!


So what SHOULD people do here? Simple.

You are allowed to UPDATE your original ticket. If you do not receive a response from CS in 48 BUSINESS hours (no weekends!)… simply add a POLITE line to your original ticket, “reminding” CS that you’re problem still remains unsolved.


sounds like to me that he did try to do all the suggested.

I think, Fiverr should provide a better guide of what they block and what not, tapping around the dark can make people feel frustrated.

About Celtic, yes her or his post are usually A+ but I disagree this time, sorry :slight_smile: