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I am scared to rate My buyer

Hello everyone. so i did a job for my client, unfortunately, he wasnt online for over 12 days, and fiverr Automatically completed the job. Now he came online today and rated me. I know he may need corrections, not certain as i delivered the complete Video package. what will happen if he decides to give me a poor rating, since i am still new here? Is there a way he can change back his rating, if i decide to make up for any errors, he didnt send me a single note, nothing at all… Guys what should i do? since it wasnt my fault he was not online, and i delvered the vidoe 7 days earlier before the deadline, which means, if he was online and needed corrections, there was enough time to implement it…


the review is going to be visible in 10 days even if you don’t rate him … so it doesn’t really matter if you give him a review or not , you can write something generic like ‘’ thank you ‘’ for instance


He already offered a rating. You just can’t see it. Just rate him based on your own experience and then reply to his review.


The chances are that if he did not write to you directly before leaving his review, he left you a positive or at least a reasonable feedback. If he was unhappy with your work, he would probably have written to you to complain and not simply left a review. Just leave him a review and accept whatever comes your way.

It is highly unlikely that he would revise his review even if he did leave a bad one for any reason, so whatever he said, you have to accept it and move on.


can i still rate him after 10 days? if i decide to wait it out?

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nope you will not able to

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No. And you won’t be able to respond to his review and tell your side of the story, either.


Maybe…buyer was very busy it that reason…

You must not be afraid of leaving a review.

As others have already said, you cannot prevent a buyer review from being publicly visible. Regardless of whether you leave a review or not, their review of you will appear public after 10 days.

So, my advice would be to leave an honest review of your seller as soon as possible. Then his feedback will be visible to you (and everyone else). Their review of you might be perfect - which is why they haven’t come back to you.

Even if their review is less than perfect, you still have an opportunity to publicly respond to their review in order to leave your side of the story.


Hello guys, the buyer gave me a 1star review for the first time out of 3 5star reviews, dropping my 5 star to 4.0, now i cant apply for jobs, this is clearly not my fault. This buyer was never online to make corrections, and boom he came and gave me a bad rating which is now affecting my buyer request posts, i need his review removed. is there a way?

This is just plain unprofessional to say:

  • “This buyer ran away after giving me his job.”

  • “Clients fault and never ever my fault.”

It looks like the buyer didn’t get/didn’t notice the multiple notifications that the order was delivered, was about to be closed and then was closed. In that case, it’s not your fault. But I once got slapped with 1* after the buyer saw an autocompleted order and assumed that I did it do avoid revisions. CS told me they wouldn’t be removing the review because “buyer’s entire experience with the site can be expressed in the review”.

As for spelling mistakes in the video, would you be able to prove to CS that the video contained no spelling mistakes?


Okay, @ lenasemenkova i always want my clients to be happy so he could come back for more. I reached out to him and we talked nicely, and he was sorry for giving the review. he asked if i could could send him a custom offer of 1$ to remedy the review he gave… is it against the rules?

Okay, some real time needs to be spent reading up on TOS. If you have to ask that question, I’m guessing you’ve either skimmed over or completely ignored reading it.

This is classified under review manipulation, a BIG no-no. If, perhaps your buyer decided to send photos of this conversation to CS, your account could be terminated. Bringing up reviews in any way, shape, or form, can result in a strike on your account, if not termination. CS does not tread lightly with this stuff.

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Okay thanks… I just asked him not to change the review, and i was happy with it.

I don’t really like the blind review feature. As a seller almost all buyers never say anything, but just provide the required info and that’s all. So it’s always a smooth process, 5 stars.

And if you for some reason get a bad review, but praise the buyer in your review to them, it makes it feel really awkward and maybe make you even a bit angry. But at least in that case you can leave your own note next to their review, and tell that the buyer was not responding to you. Anyone who bothers reading reviews then sees that it wasn’t your fault if the buyer didn’t get something he wanted.

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