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I am seeing old buyer's requests

Hello Everyone,

I am seeking help regarding this problem 2nd time here. If some one could guide me that will be great. After last evaluation, i am seeing buyers request in bulk like 2k plus. All older buyers request are appearing too. I am finding difficult to apply for jobs. As i don’t find easier to know whether a specific job is closed or still open.

I contacted the support but they said that i can remove the requests, there is button to remove it. But how i am supposed to delete all the requests one by one, these are too many. Is there anybody else facing the same issue? What should i do?

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I haven’t heard of any way to deal with this other than just taking time to clear them out. Yes, it’s time consuming, but it’s like cleaning out a junk-drawer or closet. You just have to start and keep going, taking breaks as needed.
You could just click the “remove” for them all without reading. Metaphorically toss out everything and start over. Or you could start with click “remove” for everything that’s dated before March 2020. That would probably clear out the bulk of the oldest so you can give more focus to the most recent.

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Thank you for your response. So i will have to dig into this, no other choice. I will do that.

I removed requests for 18 and 19 march after that i refresh the page. The tab showing number of active request was decreased from 2k to 1970 or something. But the posts of 19 and 18 march were still there. So its a bug. I don’t know how to resolve this.