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I am seeing other peoples uploads. Security issue

I was talking to somebody to organize a gig, and he asked for a sample. I sent a screenshot and uploaded it. When I checked my uploaded screenshot, it was a totally different piece of work. A machine learning report. Luckily it was very boring, but this could have been something private. By the way it wasn’t my machine learning report. It was a report I have never seen before in my entire life, definitely not written by me nor from my laptop. Probably from another user?

What the hell is going on? If an admin wants to see the screenshot I can send them by PM.

I am reporting it here because it’s impossible to find a support email on the website.


Hey there, try this link:
There you will be able to contact support directly also here the mail address:

Sounds like a very weird issue there!

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Wow these are serious privacy and security issues

Thanks for letting us know. Safety and security are paramount for us at Fiverr and this is clearly not the intended outcome from communicating with other users. Our development team is currently taking a look at this issue now to make sure that every thing is working as it should be.


Thank you for the update!

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Thank you! Happy to hear that.