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I am seeing withdrawal in progress!

Well since i have requested a Fiverr Mastercard with Payonner my Withdrawal status is in progress always ! and today i have recived my mastercard and activated but still withdrawal in progress please help !

I think there is a technical issue going on… I’m not sure if it’s entirely related but a seller also mentioned an hour ago about withdrawal issues, although his/her problem was with Paypal…

The problem here is that i’m seeing this issue from a long time now ! before i think that when i will recive my Fiverr credit card it will be solved but noo way :frowning:

Oh, I see… I am not sure as I am not familiar with the process of the Fiverr card, it’s best you contact Customer Support for this. :slight_smile:

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I am seeing the same error “withdrawal in progress” I have funds in my account but seeing PayPal button disabled. Its been like 4-5 days