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I am seeking useful advice for marketing and rank my gig

Hi mates,
I worked for the local market and International buyers for a long time. For the pandemic situation, Those are not enough to survive. That’s why I started working here in Fiverr. For eight months now, I am working here and got only 6 projects. I am distraught because a five people’s family dependent on me for their living, and for the pandemic earnings are not very good overall. Please advise how and where I can do marketing for my gigs(without spamming) and Need some expert advice on how to get more buyers. And most importantly, how I can escape from scamming trap while marketing my gig.
Good luck


Hello @gfxtariqul7

I’m sorry to hear about your situation and would like to help by sharing some insights.

Have you watched the great free course put up by the Fiverr team showing how to be successful on Fiverr, if not then I highly recommend you watch it: Learn how to Successfully Freelance on Fiverr

For ranking your gig, a fellow seller has posted great strategies which you can read here: Welcome to "Fiverr 3.0"!

The #1 reason why people don’t succeed on this platform is that they offer a service that is already full of competition. For e.g. Logo design. Is your gig for a service that already has a lot of competition? In that case, chances of you being seen are very less. This is a story of my friend which I recently shared, it should help you a lot if competition is a issue for your gig: Become a blacksmith of your success - #2 by peaksolve

When I was getting started, I set up the initial price of my service as $10 and offered value which was a lot more i.e. over-delivering until I had about 15-20 reviews. Then I was able to increase my price with no negative impact on sales, they grew gradually all the time. Being kind and communicative with buyers also helps.

Additionally, I would recommend that you spend time in this community. It’s a great place to interact and learn from fellow sellers.

Thanks and regards,


Thank you for the excellent feedback. I appreciate it and indeed follow those instructions given there.

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