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I am seller and i only get 1 order

hi i am new seller i have 4 day and i get only 1 order please what i must do to get more ? i hope someone help me and thank you

Bonjour aziz , i think you should be patient you just started it took some time before receiving orders in regular basis , i personally had to wait a week before receiving my first order so i think you r in the right track

you joined here to fiverr this month soo be happy about getting your 1st order from very first days.try to promote your gig and also yeah be patient!

Just be patient and active - orders will start rolling soon.

I have also just started Fiverr, but that’s because I’m not completely experienced on using this website. You shouldn’t worry about getting little or no orders on your first month, because people will start to recognize your work as you write or start new projects.

i hope will start soon and thank you for advice

bonjour maria, i hope will start soon and thank you for advice