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I am seller and want to cancel an order

How to cancel an order where work delivered? The client is asking to cancel order because he isn;t satisfied?


go to the order page and click on VISIT THE RESOLUTION CENTER and then select the cancel order option.


I want to cancel mutually. and does it effects my profile?


It will hurt your completion rate.

how much?
because I am fed up with this buyer.and I know fiverr will not take my side

yes. no matter what, canceling a order will decrease your order completion rate. but it will go away after 60 days.

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It will not effect that bad on your profile.

but I want to be at level 1 asap

I heard that if cancellation rate belows 50% then id have chances to be blocked?

you need to Achieve some goals before you can level up. you can find more details on Analytics page from you profile.

No fiverr not block sellers for their decrease of completion rate.

But it will a hurdle in getting your level one seller badge.

not sure if its true. but one canceled order isnt gonna get you to 50%. so no need to worry. my lowest calcelation rate was 69% and i made it to 100% in a month.

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is it confirmed because I lost one id before due to some reasons.
And one more client left order at my gig , now he is not answering, What to do in such casse?

cancellation rate completely removed from profile after 60 days or not?

Yes it will removed after 60 days.

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It means then I have option if didnot remove from marketplace

if he has given you the instruction for the job then go ahead and complete it. if not then send the cancel option. otherwise he can get you in trouble. like canceling the order after the delivery and also give u a bad review. so i think its best if you cancel it. also after 60 days your cancellation rate will increase. meaning the canceled order wont affect your rate after 60 days.

If you do not break terms of service of the Fiverr you will be safe. Read and follow Fiverr terms of service.

If I cancel order before starting then It will also counted in cancellation rate?

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