I am seller can I buy gigs from others seller


I am seller can.I buy gigs from others seller from my fiverr balance.


Yes, you can, just make sure that you respect their terms (prices, delivery times, number of revisions offered). If you buy from the same niche, be prepared to answer why you’re buying something that you could do on your own.


Sure you can. Here on Fiverr you can be seller and buyer at the same time. Wonderful platform.


I want buy gigs from my client its violent fiverr rules?


It’s not a violation if you really need his services. However, if he gave you a great review, and if you give him great reviews, it might look like review manipulation, and that’s strictly forbidden.

It would be a good idea to contact Customer Support, explain the situation to them, ask them for advice, and do as they say. Also, save the screenshot of their answer, so, if you get in trouble, you can prove that you did exactly what CS told you to do.


Im seller with 1-rank and i bought some gig’s on fiverr without any problem. But unfortunately i never got my order because gig was lost in mail service.


but fiverr not gave me any warning so I need my client products I don’t know its violent rules.


If you need his products, buy them from him.

Just be aware that if you review each other it might look like review exchange.


thanks for your information.


Yes you can if you really need the service


Thanks for your information


Many sellers are doing this. But You must be honest here.
By any chance if fiverr will know you are helping the seller, both account will be disabled.