I am seller from Tokyo


Hello …
My name is Thandar. I am from Myanmar but working as a software developer in Tokyo currently.
I am translate English<> Myanmar, English <> Japanese and Japanese <> Myanmar in my Free time.
I am also create and design Web pages too.

Nice to meet you All!


Hi, thandar I’m Bouwazra Ahmed I am from Tunisia and I work as freelancer graphic designer.
Nice to meet you and I hope that we have another meeting.


Hi Bouwazra! Nice to meet you!


welcome @thandar1706 nice to meet you :slight_smile:


Nice to meet you…:heart_eyes:


Hi, I am RIazul, I am a web developer. Nice to meet you @thandar1706 .


Nice to meet you here thandar1706


Hello, Thandar.And best wishes to you as a freelancer here.


Welcome to fiverr :smiley:


Hi RIazul, Nice to meet you too…


Nice to meet you Mr.Smart


Thank you so much, Rajatchakrabort


Welcome to this marketplace @thandar1706.