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I am selling 2 logos for 5$ and no one is buying my gig

I am selling 2 logos for 5$ and no one is buying my gig…
I tried a lot of ways like Advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and many advertising websites.
Does someone know how I can promote my Fiverr gig?
This is the link to my gig btw if you want to buy -


I think you need more skills to sharpen your taste, those logos are below standard for business as well

I suggest you to keep active in this forum and always read older articles. you can get clear idea how it working😇
Hope for the best🤩

I think selling your service in cheap price is not a way of getting sales.You should develop more skill.Keep up your good work, I hope in future you wouldn’t need to sell this type of bundle offer in this price.Best Wishes!

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Is your gig description compelling enough?
What about your portfolio?
Sometimes, people do just want quality over quantity.
Not saying you don’t qualify though.
I was only talking about your reference to the price.
Check that other aspects of your gig asides pricing are optimum.

no one will buy even if you offer 10 logos for $5, sharpen your skills and make a professional gigs,


Hope, you will get order soon.

Yikes! That’s a steal of a deal. :astonished: But still no bites. :fishing_pole_and_fish:

OK, from a Buyer’s POV; if I was shopping around to buy a logo. I would completely bypass Sellers offering two logos for $5, let alone one logo for $5. It just sounds too good to be true! I’m curious, what’s included in that price?