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I am selling on fiverr for a long time already but I am not getting any sales, am I doing something wrong?


I’ve seen tons of new sellers who got a bunch of orders on the very first day. But I haven’t got any sales for months, is there anything I can do to improve? And how can those new sellers get so much orders?


No, mate. There’s too much people. I can guess. You offer articles writing, something connected with Photoshop, animations, or probably logos and business cards. Did I get this right?


I do graphics design with my other account


Yes. You can market and promote your gig(s) to the target customers who need your services. And yes, this will require a lot of time, work, and research. Your gigs are a business… you’re going to have to learn how to treat them as such if you wish to be successful.

They market and promote their gigs, and/or have eye-catching services that people need. You can’t just put up a gig, and expect to receive hundreds or thousands of sales without any work. That’s just not how Fiverr works.


You have more than one account? Isn’t that against TOS?


I stopped using this account though

#7 is my other account
Even though I got an order yesterday I heard many people say that more and more sales will come flooding in after your first 5 star review but mine didn’t…


I have 21 reviews, 5.0 stars. My sales dropped a few days ago.


Stars or a high amount of reviews ≠ does not equal work, mate.