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I am selling only one gig , how to convert that into sales of other gigs?

I provide business and entrepreneurship ebooks that are pretty high quality material.It’s sales and responses are great as well. But my other gigs are lacking in sales in comparison. Although all of them are highest quality material in respective areas such fitness, self help, novels and programming.How can I convert one gig hit to several gig hit profile?

You are really doing very well with what you have for the average level 1 seller. Most sellers have only one or two gigs that are major best sellers. Of course, some have a lot more, but usually they are the ones with higher levels and at least one very unique gig to get their profile noticed in search. I think you are doing fine for where you are.

Keep at it until you hit level 2 and in the meantime, try to think about some unique spin on something you can do that might get you noticed after level 2. Sometimes it is important to have a gig that brings you views out of curiosity even if the visitors buy a different gig when they arrive.

Thanks a lot for your advice.
Can you tell me what categories of book you would like most?
or according to you, which category has the potential to be quite popular on fiverr?

The question is: do you have reselling rights for those eBooks? How come that you’re offering all of those for mere $5? Especially when Tim Ferris is still selling his “Four Hour Work Week” for $14.28 a pop.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to report your gig or profile, but someone may! So have proper documentation if anything like that happens in future.

P.S. I’d like a few free ones. Should I message you? :slight_smile:

Jolly good,

Ash :slight_smile: