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I am_shahzadkhan

Hi there
I am graphics designer and I am new on fiverr I need this Job can anyone help me

You already have some sales.

I noticed some review exchanges there. Its against fiverr TOS. Please read them again.

Thanks for replying me yes I completed order but I wanted to promote my gig I noticed fiverr so what I do know I am new on fiverr and I think I am going the wrong way please help me

Having more than one account will be a problem.

Dear sir why you are using this language

Thanks miss actually I have no idea that in what place i can promote my gig because I have not seen order last 15 days that’s why . again thanks

The “why” does not matter. Forum readers are not staff. If staff catches you with multiple accounts or trading reviews they will not ask you why, they will just close your accounts.

You need to choose one account and close any others, read the Terms of Service, read the Fiverr Academy and build your business. If you cannot, perhaps freelancing isn’t right for you. (There’s nothing wrong with that.)

Thank you so much I really appreciate it