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I am shocked after seeing this on fiverr

Today i opened my buyer request and then i saw that out of 21 buyer request 20 are of seller. Fiverr need to fix this, most of them don’t understand that sellers will see the buyer request not buyers and it’s is against T&C.


Yeah, sellers have been spamming the Buyer List section for a very long time now.


I don’t know but I think some sellers are doing it on purpose so they can get more attention? I’ve been seeing that too and it’s annoying most especially if you’ve been checking buyers request often to send offers.


It’s really annoying why they don’t understand by doing this either they will be suspended or they will not going to get a job.

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Or just implement the “Flag” system of forum to Buyer Request section.

And rewarding the sellers getting too much flags with a weeks vacation.

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Isn’t Remove Request is actually “Request fiverr to remove this request”?
Or is it just “Remove from my buyer request”?

Thank for this. Hope they will take action soon.

I am watching those forever that I do not care! I just ignore and feel proud that I am one of them who are not stupids like them. :sunny: :blush:

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They are really mad person doesn’t understand anything.

Agreed! Fiverr is an international marketplace. Moreover, the thing is, there are 7 billion people on the Globe, and everyone does not understand everything. What can you do about this? If administrator/staff make a way to solve this problem, there will be still a group of people who will not understand or misuse the new system and another group moaning about the first group. :rofl: It is a constant race. Let it go and find the best way to earn and enjoy the platform.

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Its actually removing it from your buyer request


yes even I am experiencing the same.

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I agree ignoring them is the best we can do.

But Fiverr can do something better.
If it takes a little strict action on such sellers and put some temporary restrictions that section will improve and become more productive.

If one see other is putting such and not getting any restrictions, the other seller not getting sales follows him too. It actually is not best experience, because sometimes they are very mis leading too.

What? Posts are going through approval process :smiley:
Was it because I mentioned U.pWork?

@agwakash you’ll need to wait for my reply. Going through approval

It removes it only for you. It basically means “I’ve seen it, not interested, hide it” but there won’t be any report to Fiverr.
They should implement something like UpWork has. You can report it with a number of different reasons.

Yes i agree with you and if fiverr will take out some solution then there are chances to get more genuine request.

What I like the most about it is that I really wanted to make a request (as buyer) and it got declined because it was not “clear” enough, while it actually was very clear.
Very funny! :slight_smile:

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As a buyer they declined your offer but they approve seller once.