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I am Shocked with the Quality

I’ve seen many Youtubers offer a huge amount of money to freelancers on Fiverr. I am always interested in seeing what people come up with. However I was really surprised with the quality I saw. Many Youtubers spent hours upon hours trying to communicate with freelancers and offer them jobs. All Youtube videos of this type have a systematic setup. It usually starts with the cheapest gigs and ends on the most expensive ones. I am surprised with the amount of users that use fake pictures to gain attention in this community. The quality of the product often collided with what the user was presenting on the gig. Usually the cheaper 20$-30$ were the most honest. These type of people are often aware of their ability and skills and are afraid to ask for more money even though they desserve to be tipped way more for their effort. There are many posers here that shoot out at with a price of 60$-100$ that produce disappointing products, even though they advertised themselves as being way better. Many of their pictures were often raw from google as well as their product designs were based on google images. In my opinion Fiverr should pay a closer attention to some users on this Freelancer to help the honest people. What do you think?


It’s hard to say they are all bad or all doing the same thing. There are too many of all kinds, including great sellers along with bad ones.

Millions of people a day get amazing results from buying on fiverr, and you never hear about that.


When looking for sellers to work with buyers should do the same thing on Fiverr that they do when shopping on Amazon. Look at the seller’s reviews. Choose a seller with a decent amount of reviews and then check their ratings. One or two bad ratings doesn’t mean anything, we all have buyers that have given us a bad score because we wouldn’t give them more work than they paid for. But a good seller will have consistent good reviews and repeat buyers. Look for buyers in their reviews that have made multiple purchases. These are indications that this seller delivers a quality product.


I think it’s important to remember that YouTubers with large channels craft narratives around videos that showcase their buying “experience”. They may or may not be looking for specific sellers who fit within their intended storyline.

Additionally, their criteria for selecting a seller most likely does not represent a typical buyer in regards to how they “research” a seller’s samples, gig description, pricing structure, reviews etc.

Moreover, I think sellers in certain categories have caught on to this YT video trend as I have seen a number of videos where sellers (often times the more expensive ones) cancel the order. I surmise that based on the “directions” these video creators upload, that experienced sellers can spot these kind of orders.

As someone who has multiple YT channels in different niches, I can tell you that from a creator standpoint, when a video like this becomes popular, everyone tries to jump on the trend. And after spending the amount of time and resources that some of these larger channels do in shooting (and paying for gigs), creative liberties may be taken to ultimately produce the kind of video that fits with the narrative they want to tell.


That’s a good point. You can get a bad seller on other sites as well. I’ve had a few terrible purchases where I received nothing on other huge name recognizable sites. It can happen anywhere, on any site.

ebay, Target, Walmart and the big A, and others, all of them.

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I’ve only watched two YT channels that did this and the results varied. The channel I watched focused on illustrators and they showed the process they went through for selecting the sellers they wished to work with; key focus was portfolio and communication. The second channel focused on marketing as they were looking for help in advertising some products they had.

You can’t put a lot of stock in some of the videos but the two channels I viewed have hosts that are honest. Also, don’t rely so much on this as you have to do your own due diligence to ensure you’re hiring an ideal seller for the job at hand. Communication and samples should be at the top of the list followed by reviews (if any).

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