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I am sick of these messages

Hello guys this message is specially for new sellers . I am sick of your messages,they effecting my response rate. I am getting lot of messages from some idiots asking me to give them orders. WTF is wrong with you i am not a buyer,i am seller you idiots. Its been second consecutive day when i am receiving 5+ messages from these kind of idiots . If i am posting tips here then reply here on the forum not in the inbox

Those idiots won’t read this. You see, they think they are special little snowflakes with an especially important situation that nobody else has ever been in and that YOU have the answers. That, or they’re just terminally stupid. Maybe both. Who knows?

They are desperate. They do not think for themselves. Their entire lives they have been told what to do and seek that out. They know no other way.

What is this? Maybe you set up your account as a buyer by accident if possible?

What I don’t like is to see new notifications on my Dashboard and it is not from buyers or for any new orders.

pheonixoxl I am seller not a buyer yea sometimes when i am busy i hire someone else to do the job but that is nothing to do with the issue i am talking about .

Misscrystal and emmaki as you guys are Top sellers do you guys have any tips how to avoid these kind of idiots. I reported them as spam but after few minutes again i got messages from them .

Now it’s like a habit for me to get such messages everyday. I usually reply them something like- “Go and waste someone else’s time.”

Same type of idiots use fiverr buyer request section to advertise their gig.

Don’t tolerate the shits

Kick them and report to fiverr.

Also, message to fiverr’s customer service with their bullshit conversation’s screenshot

Fiverr will definitely take action against them.

Yes… these idiotic messages do not bother me until it affect my response rate…I just answer them then report to fiverr…

Haa haa 100% agreed Those idiots won’t read this

Some sellers Posting buyer request page. fiverr need to stop them. when i check buyer request half of them not buyer

Really a big pain for us . . I usually reply them saying-

“ok. Thanks…”

My response rate is screwed up due to the amount of odd spam messages I get. That’s why I think response rate shouldn’t affect a seller getting orders, etc. It’s just pointless.

It’s really annoying

My reply is always the same “I’m sorry, I’m a oneman operation”

Printscreen, then Customer support. Each and every one. That’s what I do. And it works…

Totally agreed, many of them promote their GIG on buyer request. it’s confusing
especially for new comers

I would more like to know how you messaged me when I requested for my card designing in Buyers Requests.

Yea right and i think these kind of guys are the reason why fiverr is losing buyers , i notice that fiverr have less buyers and more seller these days. Lot of people don’t even now ABC of the services they are providing and in return the buyers are sharing their bad experience with fiverr on social sites

Here is this mornings message in my inbox- from a new seller in my own category:

Hey,witch. My name is ********,I understand you are Top-seller right now,so you don’t have any sense to talk with me,I just at the beginning, but we are doing the same
deal(helping people).Listen,I really need you help,I don’t want steal your clients,but if you have some situation when you can recomend me-please do it.I understand it looks like is impudent and tactless,but of you can Please reveal to me the secrets of how you achieved success here,on Fiverr)))
Thank you,so much,hope you will answer to me.
We both know,what we’re doing.

What an absolute moron. This person is beneath contempt starting with his first two words and all the way through to the last sentence.

Here is the second one of the morning:
Hey There!!How are you?
Are you really a witch?

You should contact the Customer Support. They helped me out with this. Even though, apparently, I didn’t have received as much as you.