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I am sick of these messages

I’m quite new to Fiverr, I don’t know a lot of its system and its history yet. But in my opinion, if this continues, I could imagine that more obstacles for new members would be the conclusion, e.g. “x” message a day limit, verification with your mobile number, etc. Fiverr probably must not save its user-data, that’s why it’s even harder to provide consecutive actions against these people.

The problem is, if you are new to Fiverr and didn’t get any gigs, you can do whatever you want to do. Since, if you get banned, you only have to register with another address. It’s a nightmare for departments like Customer Support.

The best thing: If you fear you can’t take up much more work, you’ll communicate this with your customer, not another seller. Either the buyer waits in queue or looks for another seller proposing the expected offer.

I love the “hey, witch” intro. lol. Way to make friends and influence people!

Very strict.

Hahahaha lol misscrystal really want to know what you replied to him ? :smiley:

reskiyoer there is nothing wrong with hiring other sellers instead of making the buyer wait and getting bad review

Yes it is.
But it works fine everytime for me to get rid of such sellers. Lucky for them that I don’t report them. LoL.

Taverr who you are saying about ? please mentioned the name of the user as-well :slight_smile:


DANG, “hey witch”???
That’s how the message started???
I mean, I’ve had a few “hey” as a intro to a message like "Hey Bro,"
but dang…he/she could have at least say Hello Miss Witch or something…

Poor service sellers and spammers keep coming in fiverr community every day. They are opportunists willing to do anything for 5$.

Anyway buyer requests are stupid idea in my opinion. We are gig creators damit… why don’t let people to search for us?? Whats the point to create gigs then? so you are forcing us to search for them and dealing with tons of spammers advertising themselves. STOP THAT CRAP AND REMOVE BUYER REQUEST.