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I am sick of this. Fiverr should add report button on Buyer Request

Recently I am noticing there are some people on fiverr who acts like buyer and sends biyer request publicly like " Can you make a website like this? [Link] ".

It may sound like normal but it is not. They are spammers and time wasters.
They never wants a website. They just want traffic from fiverr to their website.

I have seen same website being posted to be created like 4 times with different url shortener.
Few minutes ago I found another one nd unfortunately he is from my country.

There are more things that wastes time like some dude posting about buying /selling bitcoin openly.

If fiverr could add a report button beside every buyer requests then these kinds of spam would decrease and freelancers can utilize their time well.

You got a story?
Let me hear it.


Agreed, mostly sellers acts like buyer in the buyer request section fiverr should take action against them


Yes. Most of them are Seller :frowning:

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They just ask for portfolio or share their email to contact them but not in fiverr, whyyy?!! should ban them from fiverr

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because they want to get the job done and not pay.

If they do this on fiverr then their money would freeze by fiverr.
But in outside no one can help.

That’s the reason


I was recently contacted by a seller who is selling gigs within the same category as me so I know they are a competitor and seeking info on how to provide similar service to my gig. I wish Fiverr had a report button in the inbox where there is phishing/scam button so that they could follow up on non-genuine buyers who waste time and have an effect on response rate etc.

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