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I am skilled but no clients

Hey, I am a researcher with good qualifications. I reply to every buyer’s offer. Howcome the clients are not looking the skills but ratting. How will new people start work?


It took me a couple of weeks to really get orders. Be patient, keep replying to all your messages. Check the price of your competitors also. As a new seller, I would advice you to keep your price lower until you are able to secure some orders and feedbacks. Good luck!


thanks for you advice. I am bidding the least price and almost replying to every related project even I text to some sellers. I have created gig after seeing the high gigs. but lets see what happens


Do not be discouraged. Because of Covid, there are tones of new sellers. Also, I find that some of the tests that Fiveer offer to take for free are great to display your qualifications. Also, check the Learn from Fiveer. There are some great courses in there. Good luck.


Really thankful to you. I am not discouraged but i spend a lot of time on Fiverr replying to offers and seeing gigs of people. I also have taken the test. i am finding project for couple of weeks. firstly i thought that there is some problem in my gigs then i recreated them all. by the way i believe that it also depend on luck. i even asked to sellers to pay me as least as they want but let me do work. Hopefully will get some project by some day


always have patience , be active on fiverr forum community and sent buyer request and do social marketing.

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yes brother I am new that’s why I am here to learn new things and techniques. I always like people correcting me positively. Brother will try my best to follow your advice thanks a lot

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  1. Bidding the lowest is a great way to never get contacted by good clients
  2. Texting sellers will get you banned for spam. That alone makes you a bad seller.
  3. Never call anyone brother, extremely unprofessional. Nobody here is your brother.

Sure will take care really thankful for the advice.

Another reason why you may not be getting contacts is because you’re offering article writing and you can’t write properly (in English, at least). That doesn’t inspire confidence. Offer only what you are really good at.

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really thankful but i am also offering data analysis and data entry.

I understand, and you may be great at data analysis, but if you’re offering article writing when you clearly are not a writer, how can I trust you are good at data analysis? Your profile is only as strong as your weakest gig.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions. will consider all.

Hi there.
Here is my honest opinions:

  1. Your profile is not convincing.
  2. Your gigs thumbnail is bad.
  3. Even your gigs description is unprofessional.
  4. No Faqs
  5. You play on a very crowded field with no special skill needed. (for DATA ENTRY)
  6. For article writing…, your gig description is opposite of this. Very short - Bullet point is messy. One with Capital letter, others is not.
  7. “Please allow me to work for you.” Sound like a desperate seller. Professional Buyer doesn’t want to works with desperate seller. They want to works with confident professional seller.

You need to learn how to build a good gigs. Right now it’s a miracle if someone want to order from you.
and FIX your gigs descriptions.

There is a free course from fiverr that you can learn.
It’s on the bottom on your order page (with three tips thumbnail provided by fiverr)
You can learns a lots from that.

Wish you luck.


Thanks a lot for guiding me I will take that course.