I am so confused with my gig


I have fallen to 89% rating. Which is weird, as it fell without any negative feedback but whatever.

By all accounts, I should have dropped to Level 1 at this point, but I didn’t. Fiverr said I am in no danger of hitting level 1 either. No idea why, but whatever.

My gig disappeared from the search system for days. I am on page 2 of the highest rated sellers in writing (replaced by a ton of new gigs, I was on page one since 2013 or something)

My gig should have completely disappeared. It is no longer highest rated, but yeah.

This is really confusing.

(note: everybody bar 2 people in the past couple of weeks have reordered after cancelling)


Too many changes happening with the system these days. One time, most of my buyers were coming from the search engine. Without a drop in value/ quality or anything, I’ve had to resort to BRs now (and it’s been great so far).

I think it’s all part of the experiment everyone’s talking about. I’ve made a personal decision to not complain and just hope everything comes back to normal soon. But then, ‘normal’ is different for most of us. Lol.

Best thing here is that you’re not getting demoted to level 1.

PS It could be Fiverr has started using other criteria to estimate the overall rating. Maybe. Maybe not.


I appear first on all searches related to my keyword, so I think now it wouldn’t even matter if I got demoted to level 1 to be honest.