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I am so excited ! getting response from buyer recently, But buyer go away and tell me ,"you are a new seller , I am looking for some one older, Ohh!

I feel very happy about my account , according to the advice of senior sellers, I took some initiatives. Now 7-25 buyer requests are shown in my feed, I submit proposal accordingly, the buyer comes on chat , but after a few moment he take a high jump to another place, they need senior seller !!!

But if you guys dont provide project to the newcomer, How can they will be senior or old Seller ?

However special thanks to lloydsolutions for linking me with a very helpful content indeed Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here’s How - UPYOUR

Also thanks emrlanka
rajamexi for your great inspiration

I am happy with all of you guys, but still unhappy for not getting any sell :sob::sob::sob:

Whats wrong with my GIG
and this

How ever, take care, keep well and all the best …


I have moved your post to “Improve my Gig” because if you want help to improve your gig, that is where it belongs. :wink:

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I seriously think PLENTY of new sellers can get orders too.
It REALLY depends on your gig.

This is not going to sound nice (I’m sorry) but here it goes:
I see many grammar mistakes in your gig description.
People will either think they will have trouble communicating with you, or you did not
put in the extra time to ask someone to edit your description which shows lack of
For your “Create 20 Names For Business, Brand, Company And Domain” gig, I see an image of a woman wearing sunglasses. Why in the world did you choose that image?
How is that suppose to represent your service? I get the impression you just chose that image randomly without much thought ( again, lack of professionalism), and if I was the buyer I would avoid you because of that.
You are also offering “content and blog writing”, but judging from your post,
I’m not sure if you are ready to do that.

Again, it’s not about whether you are a new seller or not.
It’s how good your gigs are.


She offers 20 names in the title, whereas her packages have 3-9-9 names.

5-7 days delivery time is way too much.
$80 is way too much wihout anything that gives you some credibility.
Your description even without grammar mistakes wouldn’t be good enough. The same goes for FAQ.

If you were an expert at SEO and Google, you’d be able to get sales without any problem.


Yeah this would be a total turn off in my opinion. I would even delete the “20” from the title.


Thanks @ levente_gl,
as per your advice I modified my GIG, All the best …

Thanks @ j6nyc6 , Yes, i did.