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I am so happy at fiverr market place

I’m shimrah from bangladesh. I got three orders in the first 10 days.


Waw. That Looks Awesome :smiley:

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Thank you very much.

Good work, keep it up

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you are welcome at this moment.

Welcome at fiverr Hope will get more order soon

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Good for you. Now keep the momentum going!


Wow congrats,keep it up

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Would you please share your experience with me if you don’t mind please.I mean how did you get the three orders in just 10 days.What sort of trick did you use?

First time you will share to twitter account. Twitter account must have minimum 20k flowers that followers must have maximum USA follower.
2nd trick You will submit buyer request daily. I hope that you will get order very sort time. thanks

yes i sent buyer request daily but depress

What a great start. Best wishes for your success! :slightly_smiling_face:


Please you sent the buyer request daily with cool and detail brief of the project.

So do you mean the detail should not be lengthy right?

Yes! That is correct.

ok that’s sound great.This is my mistake now i realised.I sent the BR with lengthy detail.I guess so that is the reason maybe


Enjoy happy freelancing!:sunny:

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Very happy to see your success but I’m struggling with this… pray for me and share some tips… Thank you


Beautiful watercolor logos! :heart:

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I :yellow_heart: your pop art gig. It’s like cool n stuff. :slightly_smiling_face: