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I am so lost on Fiverr

Hi, I’m Mary Beth and I joined Fiverr and I tried to make a gig and then it said to verify my phone and I put my number in 3 times and it kept saying it wasn’t my phone??? But it is and then it said I have to wait 48 hours so I waited 4 days and came back and it said that I had to wait 48 hours and I emailed support like so long ago and I still have never heard anything back and so… yea.

Is there anyway I can do this or is it the site messing up?

Also, why are the forums in French?

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Firat of all, welcome to Fiverr and the Forum.

The Forum is in English. That is the only accepted language on the Forum. I am confused as to why you think it is in French. :confused:

As for your other issues, have you read “How to Start Selling on Fiverr?” :thinking: Here is a link.

While you are reading, be sure to become familiar with these. If you do not follow them you could lose your gig. :wink:

Good Luck :four_leaf_clover:


welcome and good luck getting everything sorted out!
I am sure you will figure Fiverr out, once you know the rules and how to’s it’s actually not so hard to use.

as for the forum, it might be that your interface settings are on french, you can change them in your settings. Click on your avatar (right top), then on the little gear wheel.
then you should see this:


It won’t even let me verify my phone to start selling on Fiverr, I’ve been dealing wiht this for over a week now and no one from support emails me back?


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You know you are awesome so I don’t have to tell you :slight_smile:


Strange, i don’t have any problem with phone verification.
Have yu tried different phone number? Maybe your current number has been used by other people?

Hope you could fix this problem :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Ridwan Sugi

When I click to verify phone a big red popups comes up that says

“You must wait 48 hours to verify your phone” and then even days later it still pops up.

So I can’t even use any other phone.

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