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I am so mad i could scream

Okay so I have been trying to get a Fiverr account for months but the sign up thing is soooooo ANNOYING and I FINALLY DID IT. Just.So. My.Account.could.get.temp BLOCKED!!! I SPENT SO MUCH TIME TRYNA GET IN JUST SO IT COULD BLOCK AS SOON AS I OPEN THE APP!!! RAHHHHHHHHH!!!
anyway please send help! Love,
Your angry boyfriend

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This is worse that retro Etsy…

To start with, we at least need an information what was the reason that fiverr gave you for temporary banning you


Read it again.

She says that her account COULD get temporarily banned. It is NOT banned.

At least that’s what she said has her freaked out.

Then it absolutely doesn’t make any sense :woman_shrugging:


Everybody’s account can get temporarily blocked! Just try not to break the rules, and you’ll be fine!