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I am so much happy

After banned my account on 25 October, I feel really depressed then I create a new one and within only 10 days. I got the first and big order of my little freelancing career and successfully delivered. The project was $100 with $20 tips :heart_eyes:


wow! congratulations. Hope you will get more big fish. good luck.


Thanks, I hope :hugs::

Were you given permission to open a new account? If not, this one could also be disabled pretty quickly.


With a new pc and a new ip address . And it’s doesn’t need any permission


Wish you all the best.

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It might be a problem for your account. You should ask fiverr before creating multiple account.

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If Fiverr links this account with one that was previously disabled, this account will also be disabled. But you might not get caught if you changed PC/IP address.

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wow, great and best of luck :slight_smile:

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I am not creating any multiple account that account has permanently disabled .So how can we called it’s multiple account and though i am use another pc for this account and before that any of account was not created with this pc

Wow!!! Congratulations. Hope you will get many big orders in future. Best wishes

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