I am so pleased to finished 1st level



Few months ago i created account and now i finished 1st level and near of 2nd level and I am so pleased to finished 1st level and also so eager to reach 2nd level.

best regards,


May your future visions be as elegant as ever… :thumbsup:


Good to know. Wish you more success.


I am just starting selling…I also want higher level…


Thank you so much sir.


I wish you will get also higher level @dezi_sano.


Congooooooo and G’luck :slight_smile:


29 more levels to go.


29 more level means?


Dear Dezi:

29 more level means?

It’s a joke, like using a profile image that is clearly not yourself, but rather a stock image of some random blonde, or saying you’re from the United States when you’re clearly not…

It helps to keep the Buyers on their toes, so they can wonder whether they can find any honest, legitimate Sellers on Fiverr.

Good luck,


Congrats :slight_smile: Exciting times ahead!


Congratulations. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Aaand… The only review so far coming from someone who sells likes, followers, 5 star reviews for a “faecbook” page… Seems legit. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Woohoo! CONGRATS to you! :fireworks: :tada: :fireworks:




Congratulations! I’m new to Fiverr. Postings like yours are quite an inspiration.


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